Author Marty Peck grew up literally on the grounds of a historic private golf club at a time when champion golf professionals actually toured local clubs for exhibitions, living through behind-the-scenes escapades right out of a caddy shack movie. The stories from three generations of keepers of the greens revolve around their home of 91 years – blending coming of age and fatherhood themes with golf history and plenty of humorous and lifelong lessons.  The book follows the historic course’s evolution from its horse-drawn construction one-hundred years ago through the lives of its humble caretakers, with tales of slot-machine con artists, devastating fires and floods, and national scandals as the Peck family watched the likes of Walter Hagan, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer play in their back yard.

Writing this book has allowed him to relive the antics of his youth and pay homage to his family’s 90-year golf legacy.

Marty on his “new” Cushman Truckster

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  1. One Country Club Drive was full of family and friends. I can still smell the grass so refreshing while walking on the greens and swimming in the lake. My life of spending time with my Aunt Jayne and Uncle Harold are preciouses. In the evening Marty would take my cousins and I on the course with the Truckster to pick up golf balls and dodge sprinklers. So many happy times and memories that are truly special, I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful life of great times and family. Kcook.


  2. Hi Marty! I’m really enjoying your book. It brings back so many memories of all the times I spent at your house with your sister. One memory you brought back was when the Beverly Hill Billies came to Battle Creek. Kathy Estes, Kerry Raber, Ruth Baluff and I sang in the Kellogg Review. I remember meeting them all. Ellie May was very sweet, Buddy Ebsen was very kind, granny was very nice but Jethro was ummmm…not so nice. Anyway, thanks for all the great memories.


  3. Marty, what a wonderful way to bring your family legacy into print. You are a gifted person, blessed by God with many talents. Reading the book brought back many memories of my own youth. Really enjoyed reading it. Also thanks much to you and Debbie for being mentors and friends of our daughter Renee. God Bless.


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